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Residential Electrical Services

If you are a homeowner, hiring Kinetic Electric LLC to handle your electrical needs will ensure that the electricity in your home is working properly to provide power around your home.

Commercial Electrical Services

Kinetic Electric LLC can install, maintain, and repair electrical components in your commercial building to make sure that everything is working properly and not affecting your business’s work environment.

Home Inspection

Our experienced team members are troubleshooting experts and will be able to diagnose and then fix any issue with the electricity in your home. After repairing your electricity, we can also help maintain it so that your electricity is always functioning properly.

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Residential Electrical Services

We offer professional and reliable electrical services for homeowners so that they no longer have to stress over their electrical issues. Our electrical services include maintenance, repair, and installation.

Commercial Electrical Services

We are able to provide our customers with commercial electrical services starting from installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical sources around your commercial building.

Home Inspections

Our team members are troubleshooting experts and will be able to diagnose any electrical problem that is happening in your home. After an inspection, we will repair the problem and recommend ways to avoid these issues moving forward.

About Us

At Kinetic Electric LLC, our electricians have been providing high-quality services for commercial and residential customers for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on the work that we provide for our customers and expect only the best results so that they are satisfied. We specialize in a variety of electrical services ranging from repairs to installation and maintenance. Our team members are troubleshooting experts and we offer services starting from landscape lights to complete service upgrades. All of these services we offer are provided at an affordable price so that customers receive high-quality electrical service for a good price.

We provide commercial and residential electrical services for clients living in Hudson, Spring Hill, and Port Richey, Florida. Call us today and let us handle your electrical problems.

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Choosing Kinetic Electric LLC ensures that you are receiving reliable residential and commercial electrical services for an affordable price. We have been in the electrical business for more than 40 years and we are more than capable of solving any electrical problems that you are having in your home or workspace. Being in the business for many years, we understand what it means to build long-lasting relationships with our customers so that they can rely on us whenever they require commercial or residential electrical services.


Our pricing ensures that you are receiving high-quality service for what you pay.


Our customers can always count on us to give them reliable electrical services.

Highly Qualified

Our team is more than capable of handling any electrical issue you have.


We have been providing reliable service for our customers for many years.


Our 40+ year experience allows us to provide service with professionalism.


We will go above and beyond to make sure that your electrical issues are solved.
A We have years of experience
A We have a qualified team
A We are locally owned and operated

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