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It all begins with great electrical connections

Everything we do begins with good wiring and everything we wire gets done the right way, it's that simple . . .

New electrical outlets installed in Hudson New Port Richey Trinity Port Richey Palm Harbor and Holiday Fl

We also install new Switches, Dimmers, LED Lighting, Ceiling Fans, Kitchen Appliances, additional Circuit Panels, Kitchen Range Hoods, Outdoor outlets, Outdoor Security Lighting, Outdoor Landscaping Outlets, Pool and Spa Outlets, Dock Outlets and more . . .

Replace worn out or corroded Electric outlets before they become a hazard

Many issues begin with lose or wrong wiring of electrical outlets in the home or office. Incorrect wiring or over loaded circuits will fail at some point, that's the point to begin calling a professional electrician to sort things out. Don't wait until the wires start a electrical fire, or worse yet, someone gets electrocuted due to faulty wiring. Unfortunately, it happens way too often.

New Outlets can prevent fires and circuit breaker over loading.