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Electrical Service Panel Upgrades is one of our specialties, for home or office, we can handle any type of electrical panel upgrade. For a free estimate in the Hudson, New Port Richey, Palm Harbor or Trinity area of Florida on residential or commercial electric service upgrades please call us today to set up an appoinment.

Electrical Service Upgrades

Electrical Wiring Repair

New home or office additions, a new kitchen layout, perhaps a new spa, or new outdoor lighting that requires new electrical wires to run to a junction box. And in many cases a new circuit breaker may be needed to acommodate an increase in electrical loads. We can help you with the project to ensure all electrical work is preformed to the highest standards and also to current building codes.

New Electrical Wiring, repairs and Upgrades.

Finding bad electrical wiring requires special equipment and gauges that tell an experienced electrician exactly where the fault is in the circuitry. We hunt down the bad wiring at the source and then attempt to isolate the problem, and then finally make the repairs before anything unwanted happens. Bad wires will only continue to get worse until they become exposed or even sparking which could lead to an electrical fire.

New Electrical Wiring